Our Mission

The Academy for Teachers raises respect for a noble profession by honoring and supporting exceptional teachers, the kind of teachers who change young lives.

Our Programs

We offer online master classes—two-session, hour-long programs where teachers hear a terrific lecture from an expert, and engage in lively discussion with other teachers. They’re led by inspiring and impressive people: David Blight, Billy Collins, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Karen Russell, George Saunders, Deborah Treisman, et al.
We also organize professional learning communities that bring exceptional teachers of the same subject together to share lessons and approaches to remote and hybrid teaching. 
K-12 teachers from public, private, and charter schools can apply or be nominated to take part. Our online sessions are recorded and available free for teachers everywhere—a growing resource.
Those accepted become Fellows of The Academy for Teachers and join our community of 2000 exceptional teachers from more than 460 schools. Academy Fellows are eligible for our scholarships and fellowships and invited to our free lectures, performances, and book and writing groups.

Support Great Teachers

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