A Crash Course in Crosswords

with Caleb Madison
Wednesday, December 15, 2021
5 p.m. – 6:15p.m. EDT

Sign up here.
Deadline: December 14.

Anyone can make a crossword puzzle, and in sixty short minutes, The Atlantic’s puzzles editor Caleb Madison will show you how. From theme ideas to grid construction to “cluing,” Caleb will guide you on the journey of cruciverbalism, and help you gain an appreciation for the craft. You might even be inspired to submit your own puzzles to The Atlantic or the New York Times!

Caleb Madison is the puzzles editor for The Atlantic. He’s published over fifty crossword puzzles in venues ranging from the New York Times to The Onion to the Director’s Guild of America Quarterly. Before working at The Atlantic, he was Will Shortz’s assistant at the New York Times and BuzzFeed’s puzzle editor.

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