Dispatches from Teachers

These brief, moving interviews of Fellows chronicle how impressive teachers are navigating remote education.

Episode 1: “The Day Before”
Amber Joseph, NYC public middle school

Episode 3: “Are You Okay?”
Wayne Tobias, Williamsburg Preparatory High School

Episode 5: “I Feel Awful”
Kate Quarfordt, City School of the Arts

Episode 7: “Being Myself”
Christopher Barley, Essex Street Academy

Episode 9: “Structure & Routine”
Rachel Fishkis, Bronx Leadership Academy II High School

Episode 11: “It Takes Hours”
Emily Hart, KIPP NYC College Prep High School

Episode 2: “Day One”
Monica Rowley, Brooklyn Technical High School

Episode 4: “I Miss My Kids”
Shehtaz Huq, Bronx Preparatory Middle School

Episode 6: “Trying to Care”
Anna Dolan, Bard High School Early College Manhattan

Episode 8: “Distance Learning is Hard”
Stephen Chiger, Uncommon Schools

Episode 10: “Music is a Powerful Connector”
Jaquetta Bustion, Community Roots Charter School

Episode 12: “Not Gonna Happen”
John Taylor, Trinity School


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