Jokes for Teachers Contest

Teachers have the most difficult, important, and absurd job on Earth. Why aren’t there more jokes about them? This contest was created to find the funny in teaching.

Anyone can submit to this annual contest, not just teachers.

First prize is a crazy $1000 and runners-up receive $100.

Submissions for the 2022 contest will open in April 2022.

2021 Contest

Bonnie McFarlane was our judge. Nowadays, McFarlane is everywhere, but Bonnie made her national breakthrough on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and has performed many times on The Late Show and The Tonight Show and in specials on HBO and Comedy Central.

Tim McLaughlin, first prize
Tim is a comedian living in Brooklyn, New York. He has no television credits and has been doing comedy for eleven years. Most sane people would have quit by now, but his delusions push him forward.

Santian Vataj, first runner-up
Santian is an Albanian American history teacher who was raised in the Bronx. He is quite possibly the funniest teacher in the country.

Patricia Dinglasan, second runner-up
Patricia is a comedian based in New York City. Patricia’s comedy was recently featured in The FilAm, a magazine for Filipino Americans living in the US, and her videos “Mom-Lan” and “Pepper Spray Made in the USA” appeared on WhoHaha. She can be seen performing at the West Side Comedy Club, Stand Up NY, and anywhere else the CDC lets her.


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