Music and Social Change

with Academy Fellows Bettina Briccetti, Tracy Garrison-Feinberg, and Martin Urbach
Friday, August 6, 2021
3:30 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Registration is closed.

Music reflects our history and can inspire change. Three experienced teachers show how the use of music across the humanities and social sciences helps students understand the past, appreciate our differences, and respond to the world around them. After these presentations, participants will gather in small groups for further sharing and brainstorming with other brilliant teachers. Join us!

Bettina Briccetti teaches middle school music at Dream Charter School in East Harlem, where her students learn skills and have conversations about race, social justice, equity, and inclusion. She also leads an extracurricular choir that performed at the lighting of the Bryant Park Christmas tree.

Martin Urbach is a Latinx immigrant, educator, activist, and composer. He creates liberated spaces where kids fall in love with music and use it to promote social justice. A doctoral candidate in music education at Columbia University, Martin holds a BA in jazz performance from the University of New Orleans, an MA in jazz arts from the Manhattan School of Music, and an Advanced Certificate in Music Education from Brooklyn College. He teaches music at Harvest Collegiate High School in New York City.

Tracy Garrison-Feinberg is a seventh-generation Black American descended from enslaved people and Seminole Indians. A lifelong educator with 31 years of experience, she currently teaches seventh-grade humanities at the Clinton Hill Middle School in Brooklyn. Tracy is also a singer/musician and looks forward to performing again with her rock/pop choir Unsettled Scores and her folk band Left Foot In. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband Kevin and their amazing daughter Samantha, a junior at the Beacon School.

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